Whether you are a professional, an amateur or someone brand new to the world of photography, we all know a large piece of the puzzle is being in the right place at the right time. Peggy’s Cove is beautiful; Peggy’s Cove at sunset is exquisite. I’ve spent 18 years driving all over Nova Scotia and have discovered some stunning spots to take photos. We just need to chat about what you’d like to capture, and then we can plan a day where you hone your skills and finish the day with some truly remarkable memories to keep or to sell.

The price for joining me is $65+hst per hour for the van (so two people would be $32.50 +hst per hour each; 6 people would be just why f $10+hst per hour each). How much will the day cost? That’s going to depend on how much you want to do – but the longest the day will be is 8 hours. Email me and we’ll talk about what you’re most interested in.